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Password Protect A Directory in Windows-10 Most of us have sensitive documents we How exactly to Password Protect A Folder in Windows-10? Obtain and install Guard Our Folders. Initially the program is launched by you, it’ll prompt one to set a password. Here is the only code which is used in this software to safeguard your versions don The key software can start where you can secure or unlock versions or modify the lock configurations, once you enter the code and press okay. Open the folder which you wish to secure. This folder might have any types of information, subfolders, videos or documents you wish to guard. To lock the folder only, you wish to password-protect drag-and-drop it from Traveler towards the Protect Our Folders software. Or click The folder that is protected is likely to be vanished immediately! If you attempt to access the directory that is guarded from Windows Explorer you, or Commandprompt To discover a directory and enter the master code. Simply find the folder you want to unlock, and press Open.

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Your protected folder is going to be back and it cans start. If you should just lock your file but maintain it obvious, select Controls from inside the Guard My Folders software. Once the Configurations dialogue seems, uncheck the Hide selection. From there the master code cans also alter or uninstall this program. After it is uninstalled, all of your files that are closed are automatically revealed, therefore removing the chance of losing your computer data. Related Posts